Iyengar Yoga Retreat Library Rendering


A new accommodation building at an eco-retreat centre, this project included designing four single guestrooms with ensuite bathrooms as well as communal social spaces for all attendees. 


Inspired by the spirit of Iyengar yoga and its focus on integration, the design seeks to embody these themes through the physical structure of the building by physically integrating with the landscape through the use of earth berming and a green roof as well as reflecting the colours of the surrounding moor in the interior. Sustainaility, quality and ahimsa (non-harming) were key determinators in the design.

Saffron, orange, maroon and magenta reflect the connection with Iyengar yoga and evoke the vibrant energy of India while also creating a sense of connection and groundedness with the location.

Iyengar Yoga Retreat Moodboard

Designed to enhance the retreat experience, the design separates the social space from the private spaces to accommodate different sleeping patterns and acoustic needs as well as different preferences in social interaction.

Two communal gathering spaces offer different characters and atmospheres, suited to different times of day and seasons. 

A large brass laser-cut screen creates a small meditation space and provides the focal point of the interior, dividing the social and the private.  All spaces lead off it and come back to it, reflecting the importance of the inner journey both in yoga and in life.

The guest rooms are variations on the same theme, giving each a different personality and making them feel more welcoming and grounding.

Bathing rooms with Japanese soaking tubs aid with relaxation and detoxification.


Sustainable wood and natural textiles are used throughout the space to create a warm, relaxed feeling.

Floors and ceilings are covered in baked oak with oiled walnut and reclaimed teak for furniture and joinery.

Upholstery is linen and wool with decorative accents coming from block-printed linen cushions and Welsh woven wool throws and cushions.

Reclaimed stone from the exterior is used inside to eliminate the need for decoration on suitable walls. With eco-friendly porcelain tiles and recycled glass mosaics used in the entryway and bathrooms.

Iyengar Yoga Retreat Model Sketches

CAD drawing (Vectorworks) Digital rendering (Photoshop)  SketchUp modeling — Physical modeling